Children's Parliament

The Waterton Children's Parliament meet every half term to discuss ways of making their educational experience a better one. Each school is represented and elections are held every year.

Introducing our new Senior Leadership Team

Prime Minister

Our Prime Minister is Nicolas from Normanton Common Primary Academy. Nicolas was Deputy Prime Minister last Year in Year 5. Now he is in Year 6, he has automatically moved forward into the role of Prime Minister. Nicolas will work alongside the Deputy Prime Minister and Chair, participating in SLT meetings, attending the Headteachers Board and delivering speeches in assemblies in each school in the Trust.

Deputy Prime Ministers

Oliver from Normanton Junior Academy and David from South Kirkby Academy, have been elected as our Deputy Prime Ministers. Their role, as DPM, is to support the Prime Minister and to stand in for Nicolas if he cannot attend. They will work alongside Nicolas and Oliver attending meetings and delivering speeches in assemblies in each school across the Trust.


Oliver from South Kirkby Academy was elected by the Parliament as chair. Oliver will be responsible for ensuring that the agenda is followed, that all children have the opportunity to speak, and the general co-ordination of the meeting. Oliver will lead discussion and ensure fairness across the group.