Trust Performance

In December 2018 the league tables for KS2 and KS1 will be published. These are for individual schools and for MATs. Waterton Academy Trust will appear on the tables. The working definition for what data will appear on the 2018 MAT league tables is: MATs with at least three schools that have been part of the MAT for at least one year on 1st September 2017. This move away from individual to MAT performance is in line with the methodology adopted by the School Improvement Team.

Performance at the end of KS1 was a further improvement on previous years. Walton and Lee Brigg continued their trend of performing well above the national average for combined in expected and greater depth. Moreover, Crofton Infant’s outcomes further improved to being above national for expected and well above national for greater depth. This combination resulted in the Trust combined averages being positively in line with national for expected and well above for greater depth. Further improvements in outcomes are expected in 2019 with the excellent work at Lee Brigg being sustained and the drive to further improve outcomes at Crofton delivering positive results.

Overall our KS2 outcomes were not what we had hoped for. There has been a drop in standards when compared to previous outcomes in 2016 and 2017 and we were well below our expected target. Schools narrowly missed reaching the combined national benchmark for expected by a range of 3% to 10% .Performance was stronger in relation to the combined national benchmark for exceeding, with 60% of the schools being at least in line or above.  These results were attributed to a number of limiting factors for individual schools but significantly due to a drop in maths outcomes.

The strongest performance was to be found in English, in particular the outcomes for High Score in reading and outcomes in writing. Maths outcomes were significantly down in several schools.

The focus of School Improvement in 2018-19 is to strengthen pedagogy in maths to a similar extent that we have in English. The targeted end of year expectations for 2019 have increased to well above national and we are confident outcomes will positively reflect the impact of the planned work.


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