Professional Development

Waterton Academy Trust acknowledges the importance of high-quality professional development for all team members, and that investing in training and upskilling existing staff members is a key measure in raising educational standards and improving a school’s overall effectiveness.

Our leaders and Trustees recognise that support staff hold a key role in ensuring that children reach their full potential, and that excellence in CPD for these staff will help to achieve this. The need for highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals to support children’s learning has become even more pertinent due to the effect of the COVID pandemic on pupil’s education. Waterton believe that support staff have a critical role to play in terms of supporting pupils after extended periods of disrupted learning and they can only do this if they are given the right support and professional development.

As a collective of 13 primary schools with over 4000 children and staff in our school communities we are uniquely placed to accurately determine the needs of primary colleagues and to deliver a programme of learning to Teaching Assistants across the district which meets these needs.

Based on evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), when Teaching Assistants have the appropriate training to carry out their roles effectively, their impact on pupil outcomes is significantly improved.

The Waterton Teaching Assistant Level 3 apprenticeship programme is expertly tailored to the role of a Teaching Assistant in a primary school. This unique course is a centred around evidence-based learning and remains up to date with current research. An immediate advantage for schools is that the learner applies knowledge and best practice in their own educational settings, enhancing pupils’ learning continuously during the programme.

Why choose Waterton Professional Development?
  • A tailor made programme which exceeds the requirements of the L3 standard whilst incorporating latest research, to ensure that all learning is evidence based
  • A programme which is based purposefully around the role of TAs in primary schools, spread over a minimum of 12 months to ensure a well-balanced approach to learning
  • Quality tutors who are former Headteachers and qualified teachers
  • Training is fully funded via the apprenticeship levy, and our team will manage this process on your behalf
  • Learners and schools benefit from ongoing shared best practice in the classroom
  • A commitment to ensuring both an in-school mentor and dedicated tutor to support learners throughout their journey