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At Waterton, we pride ourselves on helping all our learners achieve their full potential. All apprentices will attend 8 training workshops, followed by a preparation for the EPA session, delivered by our team of highly experienced trainers.


Each apprentice is assigned a Course Tutor who will check in regularly for progress reviews and to advise on your portfolio of evidence which supports your learning. All our tutors are fully qualified primary teachers or former Headteachers.


Every apprentice is also assigned an in-school mentor who works closely with the learner by providing day-to-day advice and guidance to ensure the apprentice is fully supported to succeed.


Our team are motivated to ensure that learners both enjoy their time on-programme and succeed in their training, with an ultimate end goal of improving outcomes for children.


Throughout the course the delivery team will work with learners to ensure that they have the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed in order to meet the requirements of the end point assessment. Time will be dedicated to practicing for this assessment and ensuring that all feel confident to complete this element.

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