Waterton Academy Trust

Waterton Academy Trust are proud to be named as the new preferred sponsor for West End Academy (Hemsworth) and Kinsley Academy (Fitzwilliam). We are conscious that we are now entering a two week listening period for key stakeholders and will comment further once this has ended.

Welcome to the home of Waterton Academy Trust, the first purely primary multi academy trust in Wakefield. The Trust was established in September 2014, when Walton Primary Academy became the founding member. We are a growing organisation which currently supports 10 schools within the Wakefield District.
The foundations of our improvement work is our connection by a common desire to learn from each other, share experiences and be mutually supportive across the entire academy community.
Our schools work closely together in the true spirit of collaboration, sharing the very best of all schools to support improvements and developments in teaching and learning which ensures we deliver excellence for our families.
Our aim is to develop a group of exceptional primary academies that is uncompromising in its intention to deliver excellence and secure the outcomes for our children that they truly deserve.
We would like to welcome Ackworth Mill Dam Junior and Infant School to our family of schools. We are looking forward to working closely with the staff and children to help improve the outcomes in all our schools.

  • Walton Primary Academy
  • Lee Brigg
  • Normanton Common
  • Normanton Juniors
  • Crofton Infants' School